Caroline is a Shamanic Priestess, Energy Medicine Practitioner and Teacher, a Sound Healer and Channel.

She has spent close to two decades as an avid student and explorer of esoteric wisdom and healing, consciousness studies, shamanic practices, yogic and eastern philosophies and Divine Feminine embodiment.  Her mission and soul is purpose is being a midwife of evolutionary consciousness holding space as you reclaim and remember your own Divine Sovereignty as we create and birth together a new collective reality on Earth; one that is  anchored in Love, Wisdom, and Inclusive Divine Power.

Technical/Traditional Bio-

Caroline has  certifications in Massage Therapy, Structural Integration, a teacher of Yoga in the Kundalini and Hatha Yoga traditions. She is a certified Esoteric Energy Healing practitioner and teacher. She is initiated and certified in Shamanic Soul Retrieval, Sound Healing with Tom Kenyon, Reiki, and Polarity Energy Balancing. She has completed Level 1 Hakomi,  a somatic mindfulness based psychotherapy training, a 2 year intensive Clairvoyant Psychic program , a one year initiate apprenticeship and a one year advanced mentorship in the Andean Shamanic traditions of Peru as well as a mentor-ship in Nepalese and  Tibetan Shamanism, a mentor-ship in Neuro linguist Programing,  Non-Violent Communication, mediumship trainings at Omega Institute. She is a Priestess and Ancient Wisdom Guide, and an initiate of the Magdalene Order.

She has  a private practice in Asheville, North Carolina as well as works with people from all over the world. She teaches workshops, and classes on multiple subjects, holds sacred circles,  and is available for private one on one sessions and ceremonies.

You can find her on facebook and Instagram .