Caroline Padgett

Hello, everyone. I will add a personal introduction soon! For now, here is my background in trainings. 


I have been humbled to sit within a decade of practice in Sound Healing with Tom Kenyon. I have certifications in Massage Therapy, Structural Integration, and Yoga in the Kundalini and Hatha Yoga traditions. I am also certified in advanced Esoteric Energy Healing and I am a teacher of Esoteric Energy Healing. I am certified in Shamanic Soul Retrieval, Reiki, and Polarity Energy Balancing. I completed Level 1 Hakomi, a somatic mindfulness based psychotherapy training, a 2 year Clairvoyant Psychic program, a one year apprenticeship in the Andean Shamanic tradition, a mentor-ship in Nepalese Shamanism, a mentor-ship in NLP,  Non-Violent Communication, a mediumship training at Omega Institute, Priestess training, Ancient Wisdom Guide, and an initiate of the Magdalene Order.